New Sarepta Community High School


Off Campus Education

Work Experience 15-25-35

Work Experience provides students with the opportunity to explore possible career options, learn related job skills, appropriate work-related attitudes and develop responsibility. Students can earn one credit for each 25 hours worked with a minimum 3 credits per semester and up to a maximum of 10 credits in a semester. Maximum of 15 credits for work experience can be counted towards a high school diploma. Work Experience can be done Monday through Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It is suggested that students work approximately 8-10 hours a week in order to complete the hours within three to four months. The employer and the work experience coordinator will conduct evaluations. Students must sign up for work experience at the beginning of each semester on a first come-first served basis. See Mr. Hjertaas for more information.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Alberta’s innovative Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) allows full-time high school students to begin an apprenticeship training program as early as grade 11, earning credit toward both a high school diploma and an apprenticeship program at the same time. RAP gives students a head start toward certification and a solid career as a certified journeyman. RAP students earn at least minimum wage.

More information is available from our Off-Campus coordinator, Mr. Hjertaas.


Black Gold Off-Campus Education Agreement (3 copies are required)