New Sarepta Community High School


School Supply List

New Sarepta Community High School 

Junior High Supply List

This is not a comprehensive list.

 Each subject area teacher will have specific requirements for their class included in the course outline provided on the first day of classes. 


 ● Lined loose leaf paper

 ● 2 Binders (2 or 3 inch) Binders

 ● 1 package of graph paper – needed for Math 

 ● Binder dividers (some with pockets) 

 ● Basic CALCULATOR – STUDENTS CANNOT USE PHONES – Grade 9’s need a scientific calculator 

 ● Geometry set ****required for MATH 

 ● Pens (lots!) 

 ● Pencils 

 ● Box or pencil case

 ● Highlighter 

 ● Ruler

 ● Pencil Crayons/Markers

 ● Erasers 


 ● 1 package of page reinforcements

 ● 3-4 various colored pens for marking and other applications (more than just red)

 ● Whiteout

 ● Sharpies – black

 ● Scissors

 ● Glue sticks

 ● Pencil Sharpener with lid

 ● Headphones

 ● $10.00 for a combination lock purchased from the school (note: locks from other sources are not permitted – locks must be purchased from the school to have locker privileges) 

For Physical Education: Daily changing required. Please ensure your child has the following: -shorts or sweatpants -t-shirt -indoor running shoes – non marking soles – must be different than the ones they wear to school *****Badminton Racquet – Optional – there will be an opportunity to purchase one for around $20 from the school. Students love having their own racquet instead of using the beat up school ones. We find they take better care of their own. -a lock for the gym locker (optional – but be aware that money and valuables should not be left in an unlocked area. These items should be left in the student’s regular locker).