Black Gold School Division
New Sarepta Community High School


NSCHS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Instructions

Due to recent changes that have been made to the districts processes for access to our Wi-Fi network with non-BGRS devices, the wireless system that will remember you for a month; meaning that you will only be required to authenticate once every 30 days.

Please follow these directions to use the school’s wireless:

1.   Start up your computer.

2.   Connect to the “bgsd-byod” network.

  • To do this on a Windows computer, click on the wireless icon located on the right of your task bar, choose the network and click “Connect.”
  • On a Macintosh computer, click on the wireless icon located in the top menu bar and select the network.

3.   Start up a web browser; Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.  You will be taken to a login screen. BYOD Screen capture 2Enter your network username and password.  You’re now connected to the network AND you won’t have to enter the password again for 30 days.