New Sarepta Community High School


Music Program

Jr. High Music

The Junior High Instrumental Program is focused around learning to play a band instrument and gaining skills and knowledge associated with that instrument. There is no prerequisite for the course other than an interest in learning to play an instrument. Specific goals for the program are as such:

  • To develop skills in listening, performing and using notational systems.
  • To encourage musical excellence, individually and as members of groups.
  • To enable students to understand, evaluate and appreciate a variety of music.
  • To provide experiences that will foster the development of self-expression, creativity, and communication through music.
  • To make students aware of the history of music and the implications of music in our society

We will accomplish these goals by playing, listening, reading, creating and valuing music.

Sr. High Music

Senior High Instrumental Music Program is designed as a sequential and developmental approach to music instruction. Each level grows from those experiences previously presented. The goals of the wind/percussion program are achieved through the development of aural skills, technical/theoretical skills, interpretive skills, intellectual skills, and synthesis skills.


The majority of your time in the classroom will be spent playing your instrument. As you continue to grow as a musician, you will be expected to apply this knowledge to a variety of styles of music. Specific skills will be taught in each of the following areas:

  • Performance – scales and arpeggios
  • Range
  • Articulation – slurring, tonguing, staccato and patterns
  • Rhythm – note values and rests, rhythm patterns
  • Written – intervals, scales, chords, key signatures and transposition
  • Aural – form, dictation, intervals, intonation
  • History – historical periods in music and noted composers
  • Interpretive

Practice is an important part of musicianship. It is expected that you will continue to practice your in instrument outside of class time.

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