New Sarepta Community High School

School Council

Parent Council


The purpose of our school council is to have Parents, students, school board officials, teachers and principals that work together to enhance student learning. It is a conduit for communication between interested parties, allowing parents to be involved in decisions that affect our children’s education at the local school level.

All parents and guardians of students attending New Sarepta Community High School, secondary students, teachers and principal of N.S.C.H.S, and school board trustee can be part of the School Council.

A school council is mandatory for all schools in Alberta.

School Council meetings are held first Wednesday of every Month with the exception of September, when it is held on the second Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the School’s staff room. (No Meetings for month of January)

Parent Advisory

Fundraising component: providing financial support to enhance school programs and activities.

List of activities Parent Advisory provided financial support:

Operation/maintenance of school council owned school bus for student transport to Cosmetology and automotive courses at Leduc Composite High School, field trips and sporting activities.

  • Drama festival
  • Music festival
  • Music equipment
  • Home Ec. Equipment
  • Archery Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Computer and projector
  • Student sponsorship
  • Subsidize students who are chosen to attend the Forum for Young Albertans & The Forum for Young Canadians.
  • Sign
  • Miscellaneous program enhancement supplies

Requests are submitted to School Council through our Administrator, Mr. Brad Clarke, for us to consider funding.

School Council is an effective way for parents to communicate with not only members of council but with the school administration, teachers, Black Gold representatives and our School Trustee.